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Deloris Ripley
the funeral for the late deloris ripley will be held on thursday, january 23rd 2020 at chr...See more >>
1/13/2020 [6:52:13 PM]
1/15/2020 [4:32:45 PM]

Cecilia Kitson
the funeral for cecilia kitson will be held on monday, january 20th 2020. there will be a ...See more >>
1/13/2020 [6:34:04 PM]

Willis Ruffin
the funeral for willis ruffin will be held on thursday, january 16th, 2020 at st. francis ...See more >>
1/13/2020 [6:26:50 PM]

Beryl Baptiste Beggs
beryl was the : daughter of: the late elisa baptiste and anthony (major) beggs mothe...See more >>
1/12/2020 [2:40:05 PM]
1/12/2020 [2:59:55 PM]
1/12/2020 [5:18:52 PM]
1/13/2020 [1:35:48 PM]
1/13/2020 [1:41:40 PM]
Teresa Dumont
the viewing for the late teresa dumont will be from 2pm-3pm following the funeral service ...See more >>
1/8/2020 [11:09:24 AM]
1/9/2020 [9:39:21 AM]
1/9/2020 [10:56:26 AM]

Babette Ewen
the funeral for babette ewen will be held on sunday, january 12th 2020 at brooklyn faith s...See more >>
12/28/2019 [4:41:58 PM]

Rebecca Pearson-Lee
the funeral for the late rebecca pearson-lee will be held on saturday, january 11th 2020 a...See more >>
12/28/2019 [4:32:28 PM]

Lorna Catherine Chase
the funeral for lorna chase will be held on sunday, january 5th 2019. there will be a view...See more >>
12/28/2019 [4:25:40 PM]

Glenda Cudjoe
the funeral for glenda cudjoe will be held on sunday, december 29th, 2019 at st. gabriel&#...See more >>
12/28/2019 [4:17:14 PM]

Joan Johnson Charles
the funeral for joan johnson charles will be held on friday, january 10th, 2020. there wil...See more >>
12/28/2019 [3:33:38 PM]


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