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Name:  " Elton T Anthony "
D.O.B:  1/12/1965
D.O.D  05/20/2019
Country From:  USA
State / Parish:  
Service Date
06/03/2019 @ 11:00am


The funeral service for the late Elton T Anthony will be held at Shiloh Baptist. The viewing will begin at 9:00am-11:00am following, the service which will begin at 11:00am.

Special Info  As we are all gathered here in celebration of my fatherís life, it brings me great joy to see the outpour of love and support for our family during this unfortunate time. If you knew my father, you knew he was a hard-working man. He had a few different trades, from being the top sales representative in well-known companies, to being a gourmet chief. My father took pride in his appearance. We actually used to brush our teeth for an entire song and compare who had the whitest teeth. When I was younger, I remember going on drives with him up and around Brooklyn blasting Jay-z and Beyoncť songs for hours. He almost persuaded me into thinking I could rap like him. But that was short lived because neither one of us had any rhythm. As I got older my father and I spent time apart, I always held on to the many things he taught me: He taught me that knowledge is power and that no one can take that from you. He taught me to always have my own, so I never have to depend on anyone. And he always told me, no matter how long or how far we are from each other, Iíd always be able to feel his love. I am grateful for this last year with him. He moved back to New York to take care of my grandma Harvey and to rebuild our relationship. We had days where we laid around the house and watched movies like when I was five years old. We went to Ihop and ate huge breakfasts. We even went out for his birthday and I made the waitresses sing to him happy birthday just to make him blush. It truly felt like the old times. He had a plan to create these two companies so he can give them to my sister and I, so we could be comfortable financially and have something to pass down to our children. This was just before his stroke. Thatís always been the type of man he was. Passionate and ambitious. I am at peace that my father is no longer suffering. He is no longer hurting and can finally relax. He left his love and wisdom with me and that I will remember forever. I will share with my son all of his wisdom and lessons he taught me and will make him proud. Iíll always be his sweetie pie sugar dumpling. The last thing we said to each other Me: I love you daddy, Iíll see you soon I promise! Dad: I love you more boo boo. Everton OíNeil Harvey born on October 21, 1973. Everton is survived by his parents Lloyd and Lorraine Harvey , daughters, Jewell and Jasmin, sister Marcia, nephews Stephen and Paul, grandson Kyro many aunts uncles and beloved cousins.


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