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Name:  " Hazelann Bridgeman "
D.O.B:  10/01/1955
D.O.D  05/12/2023
Country From:  Grenada
State / Parish:  St. George
Place of Death  Suffolk
Service Date
05/20/2023 @ 10:00am


The funeral service for the late Hazelann Bridgeman is 10AM at St. Catherine of Sienna Church located at 118-22 Riverton Street St. Albans.

Special Info  The loss of a sibling is one of the most difficult emotions to endure. We celebrate the life of our beloved sister, cousin, relative and dear friend, Hazelann Jewel Bridgeman. Born October 1, 1955 in St. Georges, Grenada to Mavis and Jeffrey bridgeman (she would have been 68 years old this year). Hazel was an only Sister to brothers, Aelred, Peter, Earl, Steve, Carl, Keith, and Bertrand. She attended the St. Louise R.C. Girls School (Mother Rose) in Grenada. She left the Island (at a young age of15) to join her mother (who had migrated to the US to pioneer a better life for her six children). She attended John Adams High School (September 1970-1974) she was awarded A Certificate in Proficiency Type writing in 5/30/1974. She did a stint at Creedmoor State Psychiatric Ctr, then moved to Florida, she returned to New York to care for her mother and subsequently became a Endoscopy Technician, until retirement. She was never married, had no children (I wonder if the boys were afraid of her brothers?) her per cat’s name Prince was a constant companion who guarded and protected her until his demise. Hazel enjoyed her time on this earth, she was the live wire of the parties, she LOVED to dance and wine and imbibe. Her friends were in awe and admiration of her prowess on the dance floor, she loved to walk and easily recognized throughout the neighborhood, she was a loving, caring, and jovial young woman, her many nieces, nephews and God-children, loved and admired her. As she grew older, her habits took a toll on her and she began a decline to a life of reclusivity, her ailments manifested seriously and she succumb Friday morning May 12, 2023. Left to mourn are: her Brothers, Sisters In-laws: Jean, Apotene, Mila, Val, Shirley, and Hazel; Nieces & Nephews, Grand Nieces and Nephews, her constant care-assistants, Ann Baker, Beryl Checkley, Millie Platts, Tyrone Stephens, her neighbors on 199th Street. Her dear friends, too many to mention, all over Grenada, the US and Canada.   We would like to acknowledge and take this time to express our sincere appreciation for all the expressions of love, concern, kindness, and support through this most difficult time. The outpouring of prayers, phone calls, text messages, will be forever in our hearts. May God continue to bless and keep you all. The Bridgeman Family

i shared a hospital room at northwell in march with hazel. we got to share much and we really forged a friendship during my 8 days with her.we exchanged phone numbers and i kept calling her and texting her.my last text was ironicly may 11.we talked about getting together when we were both feeling better.she was such a smart, caring person and we both talked about being perfect roommates,we liked the room warm to sleep, we had similar politics, my husband and son came to really care for her.i am so saddened to hear of her passing, in those few days i knew we had forged a beautiful friendship.when she didn’t return my calls and texts i knew something was terribly wrong.i will keep her memory close to my heart.i was so looking forward to having her as a new friend.my memory of her is certainly a wonderful one.she was a very special lady.wendy scatorchio
BELLMORE NY [7/19/2023]

to the brothers and other family members, hazel has made her transition and now is at peace. may you find peace and comfort in all the memories you shared. with our deepest sympathy yoland and scottie
MIAMI FL [5/20/2023]

the steele family would like to extend condolence to the brothers (family) of hazel on her passing. may she rest in peace.2kp
NEW YORK [5/20/2023]

to the bridgeman's family, grieving gives us time to heal; we comfort each other more closely, by sharing our found remembrances together, the sorrow will lessen our treasured thoughts will forever remain, let the beauty of each day nourish your soul and bring you peace, our deepest condolences, charter family
AUGUSTA, GA [5/20/2023]

god bless you all at this difficult time. may her beautiful soul rest in peace.
QUEENS ,NY [5/19/2023]


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